Wordless Wednesday…

Image processed using the Baby Black Sheep action collection from Lilly Lane Market – available soon at MScraps.com.


Etsy Finds

In no particular order – these are some of my favorite finds and new discoveries:


Hot Mama Handbangs – isn’t this bag gorgeous?  Handmade and totally customizable, these bags are one of a kind, made with beautiful fabrics both inside and out.  I want one.

Nou Wall – I just ordered two vinyl wall decorations for my daughters’ rooms and LOVE them.  They have dozens of great designs and you have so much flexibility in the size, color, shape, etc of your final design.  I will definitely be ordering again (as soon as I convince my husband we need one in the living room).

Snuggle Bug Kidz – I can’t even begin to tell you the hours of coloring enjoyment my daughter has gotten from this.  It has a big pocket to store her coloring book and smaller pockets to store crayons,  markers, colored pencils, etc.  Since she’s only 2, she is regulated to Crayons only right now, but it will absolutely grow with her.  Go check out the other amazing items offered!

Janine King Designs – I bought a cover from my Kindle about 3 years ago, and I love it just as much today as I did when it was brand new.  In addition to being extremely convenient, they also include a handy pocket and have the perfect amount of padding to be protective without being bulky.  Not a Kindle owner?  No worries, she now carries camera cases, iPad and iPod covers and custom handbags.

Lilly Lane Marketplace – I am in love with Brenda’s amazing photography.  Isn’t this flower gorgeous?  She has numerous amazing prints available, and will be adding lots of other goodies to her shop very soon.  Go take a look, you won’t be disappointed!

Blue Toad Journals – isn’t this handmade journal gorgeous?  My fingers and brain just itch to fill one with ideas, stories and memories.  Check out their selection of one of a kind, handmade, unique books and journals.  And, the prices cannot be beat!

Everyday Keepsakes – jewelry by Meredith Fenwick.  Not only is she amazing at digital scrapbooking design, she creates some of the most amazing jewelry I’ve seen.  I contacted her last spring for a custom piece, which she created in record-breaking time and at a fantastic price.  It surpassed even my highest expectations and I will buy from her again.

Barefoot Tams – home to some of the sweetest knit hats, receiving blankets and homemade goodies on the internet.  The prices are amazing as well.  Go take a peek!

At the Park…

Yesterday, my awesome husband gave me a much needed break and took Avery to the park for a couple hours.  I spent the morning basking in the quiet.  It was awesome.

Another awesome thing, he remembered to take a few photos of her.  These are totally unedited, but can you believe they were taken with a phone?  Not a Droid or iPhone, not even a smartphone – just a phone.  Score 2 for hubby!

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Photography Fun

Are you a wanna-be shutterbug?  Do you have a great camera that you know very little about?  I’ll admit, I probably fall into both categories.  I’ve tried looking for more in-depth photography information online, but found it is very easy to get completely overloaded with data and information that I can barely decipher.  For the past few months, I’ve been compiling a list of photographers and photography resources that I refer back to, time and again, and in the spirit of lending a hand, I’m going to share my list with you.

Karen Russell – an amazing photographer that lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and 4 kiddos.  Her blog is funny, sweet and very real and her photography skills are off the charts.  She teaches classes all over the country (and sometimes in other countries) to help you understand and take full advantage of your equipment.  For those of you in no-man’s-land, like me, she even offers an online course.  Hurry over and get on the wait-list, you won’t be sorry!

Erin Cobb – another fantastic photographer and mother of two who shares peeks into her life and her trade and has just released an amazing video tutorial regarding photo editing.

Flickr – a fun resource for sharing and displaying your own photos, as well as a great place to find inspiration for your photography.

Paint the Moon – the business website and blog of Paint the Moon Photography.  Along with heading up the “Let’s Do 52” movement, she has created and released some amazing actions and editing tools for photos.  Be sure to add them to your Facebook list, if you haven’t already.  They often posts tips and freebies!

Ali Edwards – a busy mother of two that has boundless creativity and photography talent.  She shares tips and inspiration for awe-inspiring projects and scrapbooking themes.

Clickin Moms – an online forum and resource for all photographers, from novice to professionals.  A safe place to go with questions and comments, without fear of redicule.


Your turn!  Who or what did I miss?  Are there other sites out there that you enjoy?

Let’s Do 52…

Have any of you been participating in a 365 or 52 project?  I’m afraid I can’t keep up with 365 – after years of abysmal failure, I’ve given it up for a more streamlined 52 approach.  So far, I’m doing great, but it is only week 3.  🙂
For those of you not familiar, P356 stands for “Project 365” where you take at least one photo each day for an entire year.  And, yes, you may have already figured out that P52 equals “Project 52” – one photo per week.  Now, to be fair, I take a lot more than just one photo per week, but I like having the flexibility of just choosing one to represent my week.  Sometimes it’s a personal favorite, sometimes it’s from a fun activity or event we participated in, sometimes it’s just a random shot.
I came across a fantastic set of prompts to help encourage creativity in your photography as the days, weeks and months go on – from Paint the Moon.  Take a few minutes to check out her blog and photography business.  Wow.
She’s even set up an amazing Flickr group to showcase your shots and share them with other like-minded photographers.  It’s for amateurs and professionals alike – so head over and take a peek.  You won’t be sorry!!
Think back to those peaceful days, back when you were single.  For some of you, it wasn’t that long ago.  For me…well, it’s been about 10 years since I didn’t have a hanger-on of some sort.  Did you do anything special with your spare time?  Shopping?  Late night movie marathons?  Early mornings at the coffee shop?
For me, it was people watching.  I used to LOVE to go to the library or local bookstore and pretend to browse, but really I just wanted to scope out the people.  I loved to check out their clothes and hair and wonder where they’d been and where they were headed next.  Or, I’d sit on a bench in the shade at our local college and just relax.  I had a cute little rental house that was only one block from the campus, so it was a perfect afternoon activity to just hang out over there and watch the students scurry by.
These days, those memories are nothing but that…memories.  It was before kids, before I had a husband, and a job, and a mortgage, and a….ugh, let’s just stop there.  So, take a second and share with us what your guilty pleasure was (or, if you’re lucky, still is).

Wordless Wednesday

You know Santa did a good job when this is the face you see while opening gifts.